Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wow! That is the best way to describe this years event!

What a great party! We had a little bit of everything show up Saturday night! Our biggest Halloween party yet!

Celebrities Galore!

We had Celebrities: Sarah Palin, Alicia Keys, Fiddy Cent, Hugh Hefner (X2) and his Bunnies, Marilyn Monroe, Gomez and Morticia Adams, Beetlejuice...

Celebrities Galore!

... Cleopatra, the King of England, Bunnie and Clyde, a Harlem Globetrotter and even the Burger King made an appearance!

Bunnies and Bulls and (Pea) Cock's Oh my!

We had animals; Bunnies, A Cat in the Hat, A matador and her bull, a pretty peacock and a very dirty one too!

Great Costumes by all!

... doctors, nurses and even a Victoria's Secrets model!

I am sure there are more that I a missing but sometimes when you have that good of a time you can sometimes forget things, if you know what I mean!

Great costumes by all!

We had Sexy cops, pirates, Romans, Babies, a chick magnet, a night stand, vikings, pimps and ho's, flappers, teachers...

Big Winners!

Prizes were awarded to:

Sexiest - Sarah Palin? - a bottle of UV cherry vodka.

Most Original - Reggie and his Ho - a bottle of Cuervo Black tequila
1st - Reggie and his Ho - $100

2nd - Sarah Palin - $50

3rd - Beetlejuice - $25

Next year we will have a panel of judges to make ensure no double prizes and that the prizes make sense.